Thursday, August 19, 2010

TWitN: 8/13/10-8/19/10

~This is a new little thing I’ve been thinking of doing for a while, I usually find a few news articles a week that I think are worth commenting on, but rarely have enough to say on them to bother making a post. So they’re all going to be going into one of these a week.

For those that do read this blog here is what you WON’T find in these: celebrity drama unless they do something worth talking about(Michael Vick’s dog fighting for example), sports crap, things on movies, and whatever else I think is crap.~

This week! Antibiotic resistant bacteria are invading the US, big surprise there. Teens are losing their hearing. And the Miss Universe pageant is going R-Rated, probably the only good news all week.

The contestants for the Miss Universe pageant did some body painting photos and *gasp* since quite a few of the countries they’re from are comfortable with nudity some of the photos are topless! OMFG! Naked breasts! With body paint on them! MY VIRGIN EYES ARE GOING TO EXPLODE!!!!! You know, for a country obsessed with sex we sure are anal about actually seeing a little flesh. Have you never seen yourself/gf/spouse naked? Grow up. *strips topless, flicks my bra at you, and moves onto the next story*

I’ve already covered this one in my previous post but I’ll do it again. Teens are showing minor hearing loss due to playing the music over their headphones too god damn loud. Wow! You put something IN your ear and blast it loud enough it can be heard in China and its going to damage your ears? Say wha? The only surprising thing is that they haven’t released this “study” sooner.

And the final story for this week! Bacteria from India that is resistant to almost every anti-biotic we know of has made its way to the US and UK. Personally I’d bet money that it originated from somebody from the UK/US that visited India, bred, and now has made its way back home to roost. I don’t know about you but its no surprise to me that some super-mega-uber bug has grown, when people go to the doctor to get drugs when they have a fucking cold instead of just letting the shit work its way out you’re going to end up with something nasty.

That’s all for this week. This has been Gwen, your pissed off, ranting redhead and… oh, why not. BREASTS BREASTS BREASTS BREASTS BREASTS!!!!

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