Monday, October 25, 2010

TWitN: 10/16/10-10/22/10

This week in the news! Campbell’s Soup is receiving grief from US activists *cough bigots cough* over something they’re selling in Canada. A man in California has something interesting found when he takes his car in for a routine oil change… and now the FBI wants it back. And Mel Gibson’s trying to make a comeback by being in an upcoming film.

~Campbell’s Soup is receiving grief and a “grass-roots boycott” after releasing a line of soups in Canada that are certified as halal, or in other words prepared according to Islamic dietary laws. The halal soups have been in Canada since January… the xenophobic American’s didn’t catch up to it until earlier this month. First off I have to congratulate the American bloggers. It only took you 9 months to go “OMFG! CAMPBALLS IS MAKERING TERRERIST SOUPS!!!!!!” For a group of people that go out and try to find things that offend that stick that’s firmly shoved up they’re ass they really dropped the ball on this one.

Now that that’s out of the way how, the fuck, does this affect any of you dumbasses boycotting? Oh, that’s right, it DOESN’T! This is in Canada! It’s not in America, land of the free (ha!) and home of the bigoted. Campbell’s has made it very clear that it has no plans to release this line of soups in the US, probably because you’d get people that would try to bomb Campbell’s for this “horrible affront on freedom” or some shit like that.

Can somebody tell me what the difference in the principle between halal and kosher is aside from the religion? One is perfectly fine, and gets advertised without any issue (Buy Hebrew National hot dogs!), yet the other if it’s even mentioned you’d think people were promoting the idea of self-cannibalization.

~Yasir Afifi, a 20 year old man in San Francisco, took his car to a garage for a routine oil change… and ended up with the FBI knocking on his door demanding the GPS tracking device back that the mechanics found while changing his oil.

The guy is a computer salesman and a community college student and has no ties to any terrorist group that they can find, the only reason for the tracker being put on his car is that he has an Islamic sounding name… makes me wonder if the FBI is also bugging and putting trackers on everything Barack Obama rides in.

It makes me wonder. Can the FBI actually demand it back? And if so does Afifi have to give it back to them? It was installed onto his property… couldn’t that be considered a modification? And if so wouldn’t that make the tracker itself his property?

Fuck it, not talking on that one anymore.

~Mel Gibson is trying to make a comeback by being in an upcoming film! The film you ask? Why the movie is the amazing, the glorious, the oh so ironic, The Hangover 2. I think the premise of the movie is they’re going to film Mel Gibson for a few days in his daily life, get some fantastic footage of the crazy guy hung over edit it together and release it to theatres! Estimated cost of making the movie is $100,000 and all the booze that Mel wants during the filming of the movie. Watch after the credits role and you can see outtakes of Mel, drunk and screaming at the TV as he watches another one of his movies… The Passion of the Christ.

This has been Gwen. Your pissed off, ranting redhead. And pain is nature’s way of saying “don’t do that.” Pain killers are mankind’s way of saying “no, it’s ok, you can do that.” Notice that we don’t have anything to lessen a hangover yet?

*Blah blah, usual crap, satire/parody, if you are Mel Gibson, the FBI, or anybody else I happened to mention and you don’t like what I said then tough. Freedom of speech and I don’t own any of the stuff mentioned in this post.

Monday, October 18, 2010

TWitN: 10/09/10-10/15/10

Yes, I am aware that I missed a week. So this is going to be the news over the last 2 weeks.

This week in the news! Bill O’Reilly was on The View and pissed off the hosts… go figure there. Something downright disturbing about McDonald’s food. There’s controversy over the design of the “ground zero” community center. A teenager from a high school in Ohio has committed suicide, wouldn’t be news except it’s the 4th one from that school in less then 2 years. And Captain Jack Sparrow visits a classroom in response to a fan letter.

~Bill O’Reilly (henceforth known as Billy) was on The View and managed to piss off the hosts so much they walked off the stage! I am not going to respond to what any parties involved said on the show though. It’s Billy… what the fuck did you expect! The guy is an extremist! Just look at his shows: “ridiculous” as an insult (congrats there btw…), cutting his caller’s mic whenever he’s losing a debate, such blatant extremism that extremist groups don’t even want him. If that wasn’t enough he can’t even pay attention to the importance of his own material! A few years back when Bush was in office he talked about a convention saying it was too festive with the war going on and the horror of some tsunami. If it was too trivial to be having during those big things why the hell was he reporting on it then?! Done… not talking about Billy the Kid anymore.

~McDonald’s food doesn’t degrade. A woman bought a McBurger and a McFry and left them on a plate for 6 months. 6 months later the food is hard as a rock and now looks plasticy but that’s it. Not even mold will grow on it! Excuse me but EWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!! This is why I don’t eat at McClown. I cook, I cook rather well actually. If I cooked up a burger and left it on a plate for a WEEK outside of a fridge it would be molding. Last I heard it was illegal to use embalming fluid in food…

~Big controversy over the released design for the “ground zero” community center! Personally I think it looks very nice.

People are saying that the honeycomb design has hidden meanings and blah blah. Everything has a hidden meaning. If you try hard enough you can find a hidden meaning in ANYTHING! Get over it! My only complaint about the proposed design is that the floor and ceiling design pulls some funky optical illusions on my eyes.

~ You know, I only have 2 things to say on this one. 4th teenager in 2 years commits suicide from bullying at a single school.

1. The school is insanely lucky that the kids just decided to end their own life instead of getting a gun and going the revenge route. See Columbine, Virginia school shooting, or the guy that worked at a metal factory and made a fucking sword to see what happens sometimes when you push people to the breaking point.

2. Teach your kids to deal with bullies!!!!!!!! Here, since you are too stupid to do it I’ll do it for you. You kick the bully’s ass! It doesn’t even matter if you win, as long as you put up a fight they won’t mess with you anymore because they want easy marks. Yes you’re child will get suspended, but I can almost guarantee that the bully will quit fucking with them. Usually I am not a violent person but in some cases violence is a good educator. Some people the only thing they understand is pain. You can talk all you want but until you see if you’re hand and their head can exist in the same place at the same time they won’t leave you the fuck alone. I read once about a guy that kept getting picked on at school. The bully decided to pick on him when he was having a bad day once… no the bully didn’t end up dead. The guy picked up a desk and hurled it at the bully, needless to say no bully ever messed with him again!

School isn’t like work. At work you can report that you’re being harassed. If it continues you sue for hostile work environment. It’s considered a standard (although generally last resort) way of getting the problem fixed. At school that doesn’t work! The biggest threat a school can give is suspension and the bully just goes “I didn’t want to be here anyways, alright!”

~Top story! And thank the gods it’s a good one. Johnny Depp visited a British school as Captain Jack Sparrow in response to a fan letter he received from a student there.

This is why I like Johnny Depp and Lady Gaga. They appreciate and respect their fans! Far, far too many celebrities don’t want anything to do with their fans other then take their money. Depp was over there filming for Pirates 4, read the letter, and decided to go visit in costume and in character. That is something the girl will remember for the rest of her life. It makes me happy to see celebrities, who aren’t supposed to be role models but are often raised to that level, do something nice just because it would be nice.

This has been Gwen. Your pissed off, ranting redhead. And I’m going to go try that McBurger experiment.

Friday, October 8, 2010

To the people coming here from Facebook

I did not think I had any links to my blog on Facebook. Evidently I do... although to the best of my knowledge its not on MY Facebook. So if you are coming to my blog from a link on Facebook please leave me a comment here linking back to the page the link was on.



Wednesday, October 6, 2010

The Ruling Government (US)

Here are a few little known facts about the people running the country, by that I mean the House and Senate. Over 50% of them have bankrupted a business before. Many have been caught with illegal drug use, including former president Bush Jr. with cocaine use (I personally see nothing wrong with people doing drugs… victimless crimes can go to hell, and no I’ve never done any drugs and I’d willingly take a drug test to prove I’m not on any). Many use their status to have representative immunity with various illegal acts that they do, most recent I remember is a speeding ticked… the guy was only going I think 80 in a 50mph zone.

What I would like to see is a presidential candidate that has actually LIVED like most Americans do! Most of the people running the government are rich and have never actually lived like the people they’re supposed to govern do. How, the FUCK, are you going to govern a populace when you have no idea how they live?! That’s like the US bombing a Middle Eastern country all to shit and then trying to rebuild their government without knowing anything about their actual culture… oh wait…

Anyways, I want to see a guy get up on the stand and go:

“I’ve been addicted to drugs, I’m off them now. I’ve survived 2 weeks on nothing but ramen noodles. I’ve been homeless. I’ve worked a shitty fast food job. I’ve worked retail, and am now a manager at Walmart. I want to be your president.”

That guy gets my vote! He gets my vote because he knows how 90% of Americans live! I don’t care if you made mistakes in your past (as long as they’re not horribly broken ones: rape, premeditated murder, etc) as long as you learn from them!

This has been Gwen. Your pissed off, ranting redhead. And I will NEVER see a candidate like this.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Things I Like

Here are a few links to blogs and comedians I like.

The 2 Sense Show, it used to be just an online audio show, now its video also. It’s also one of the things that first got me writing.

Skippy’s List, if you have not at least heard of Skippy’s List then WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU?!?!?!?!?!

Redhead Ranting, because I like her writing style and the topics she does.

ZOMGitsCriss and K-rina. Her Youtube page and blog. She makes damn good points and is still funny a lot of the time.

Angel Cakes, a blog a friend of mine owns. She makes damn close to professional looking cakes.

Angry White Dude. I do not always agree with this guy, but difference of opinion is a good thing!

And last GAY, a lesbian e-magazine. They post some very interesting articles.

This has been Gwen. Your pissed off, ranting redhead. And go give these people some comments!

TWitN: 9/25/10-10/1/10

Yes, I know I’m a day late again. I’ve been working so much that my brain freaking shut down last night so yea… no post.

This week in the news! The UN is appointing somebody to be the first “space ambassador”, UN denies it. George Lucas is bound and determined to rape his previous works, again. This week was “banned book week”, banning books… wow we’re progressive. And finally… there might be Harry Potter 8, 9, and 10.

~Top story! And for those that haven’t figured it out, the “top story” is whatever I think is the stupidest. The United Nations (UN) is appointing the first “space ambassador”. The UN is denying it, and the original article does look like a parody to me honestly. But considering it’s the UN and all the stupid shit they do I’m willing to believe it’s true!

“Mazlan Othman, a Malaysian astrophysicist, is set to be tasked with co-ordinating humanity’s response if and when extraterrestrials make contact.”

First off, whoever thinks the aliens, if any ever do show up, are going to be friendly has never looked at our own history. What do we do when we find new land? We try to exterminate whatever sentient race is there already. You want the most modern example? Fine, the Native Americans. If aliens ever do show up they’re not going to go “Take me to your leader.” They’re going to just come down and wipe us out and take whatever they want. Then you have all the glorious alien (genre, not the Alien series) movies that show us beating the aliens. Not going to happen… not even if you have Will Smith to help. They can travel light years, would be so technologically advanced that we wouldn’t be able to get anywhere near them. They could probably twitch their eye and make us do the chicken dance just because it would amuse them! The other probable outcome is something I saw on Stargate SG-1. The aliens show up, cure all our diseases, double our lifespan, blah blah. And a nice little trick they add into the cure is it makes everybody sterile. Wait 150-200 years and “Wheeeeeee, we have a new planet! And we didn’t have to fight at all!”

~George Lucas wants to turn his Star Wars series into 3D. Personally I don’t see what the fascination for Lucas is to shit all over his previous works. The last time he did it he added CGI (computer generated images) to one of the 3 original movies… know what the outcome of that was? It looked fucking FAKE! You had all these models and mock ups and everything and let’s stick in some CGI shit and he must’ve gone “Wow doesn’t that look fake, eh leave it, the fanboys will eat it up no matter what I do.” Changing Jabba the Hutt (the only good edit in my opinion), adding the CGI, creating Jar-Jar Binks, adding Anakin to the end of the last movie when the ghosts are all glowy. Why keep messing with your work?!

I am not a fan of 3D personally. The biggest reason being I wear glasses. 3D glasses and real glasses you need to see do not interact well together. One of them has to be too far away for it to do its job properly and it just makes your eyes hurt. And if you look through them long enough, hell, lets say for like a Lord of the Rings movie then even people that don’t wear glasses have their eyes start to hurt.

~This week was banned book week. Why are books banned? Because you have fucking morons that go “I don’t like this so NOBODY should read it!” Fuck you all! Some of the banned books are: Fahrenheit 451 (a book on censorship), The Color Purple and Heather Has Two Mommies (books about homosexuality), and more.

No book should be banned, just because YOU don’t like it doesn’t mean nobody should be able to read it. I know of old people that start reading a book, are sickened by it, and then continue reading every single page of it and then try to get it banned! And show it to all their friends, who also try to get it banned! If something offends you quit reading it and let other people enjoy it damnit! The Harry Potter series is among some of the most challenged books on the list. Harry Potter! The series that got a ton of kids to start reading. Reading… you know that thing they weren’t doing before, and you morons are trying to ban the books because they do witchcraft. Trust me, if a few words of bad Latin could make it so you couldn’t talk I’d have pushed the mute button on you people a long time ago.

~ Speaking of Harry Potter! J. K. Rowlings is thinking about writing Harry Potter 8, 9, and 10. I love the Harry Potter series, they’re among my favorite books. But what the hell is she going to put into Harry Potter 8 through 10? The entire Harry Potter series was about Harry, Ron, and Hermione going through their years at Hogwarts and the inevitable climax battle between Harry and Voldemort. The series is over, the big bad is dead. Is she going to show Harry having marital issues? Is somebody new, and even more evil then Voldemort going to show up like what always happened in the Buffy series… and Anita Blake series… and Charmed, and Power Rangers, and Sailor Moon, and do I really need to keep going to show how utterly chiche it is? Oh! I know! Voldemort was a puppet and the true evil mastermind was Crookshanks!

Actually… I take that back… I want to see the Crookshanks idea play out.

This has been Gwen. Your pissed off, ranting redhead. And I wonder if Rowlings is going to put in a sex scene for her now older and hopefully more mature reader base... OH HARRY! USE YOUR WAND! YES! YESSSSS!!!!!