Monday, October 4, 2010

Things I Like

Here are a few links to blogs and comedians I like.

The 2 Sense Show, it used to be just an online audio show, now its video also. It’s also one of the things that first got me writing.

Skippy’s List, if you have not at least heard of Skippy’s List then WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU?!?!?!?!?!

Redhead Ranting, because I like her writing style and the topics she does.

ZOMGitsCriss and K-rina. Her Youtube page and blog. She makes damn good points and is still funny a lot of the time.

Angel Cakes, a blog a friend of mine owns. She makes damn close to professional looking cakes.

Angry White Dude. I do not always agree with this guy, but difference of opinion is a good thing!

And last GAY, a lesbian e-magazine. They post some very interesting articles.

This has been Gwen. Your pissed off, ranting redhead. And go give these people some comments!

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