Monday, October 25, 2010

TWitN: 10/16/10-10/22/10

This week in the news! Campbell’s Soup is receiving grief from US activists *cough bigots cough* over something they’re selling in Canada. A man in California has something interesting found when he takes his car in for a routine oil change… and now the FBI wants it back. And Mel Gibson’s trying to make a comeback by being in an upcoming film.

~Campbell’s Soup is receiving grief and a “grass-roots boycott” after releasing a line of soups in Canada that are certified as halal, or in other words prepared according to Islamic dietary laws. The halal soups have been in Canada since January… the xenophobic American’s didn’t catch up to it until earlier this month. First off I have to congratulate the American bloggers. It only took you 9 months to go “OMFG! CAMPBALLS IS MAKERING TERRERIST SOUPS!!!!!!” For a group of people that go out and try to find things that offend that stick that’s firmly shoved up they’re ass they really dropped the ball on this one.

Now that that’s out of the way how, the fuck, does this affect any of you dumbasses boycotting? Oh, that’s right, it DOESN’T! This is in Canada! It’s not in America, land of the free (ha!) and home of the bigoted. Campbell’s has made it very clear that it has no plans to release this line of soups in the US, probably because you’d get people that would try to bomb Campbell’s for this “horrible affront on freedom” or some shit like that.

Can somebody tell me what the difference in the principle between halal and kosher is aside from the religion? One is perfectly fine, and gets advertised without any issue (Buy Hebrew National hot dogs!), yet the other if it’s even mentioned you’d think people were promoting the idea of self-cannibalization.

~Yasir Afifi, a 20 year old man in San Francisco, took his car to a garage for a routine oil change… and ended up with the FBI knocking on his door demanding the GPS tracking device back that the mechanics found while changing his oil.

The guy is a computer salesman and a community college student and has no ties to any terrorist group that they can find, the only reason for the tracker being put on his car is that he has an Islamic sounding name… makes me wonder if the FBI is also bugging and putting trackers on everything Barack Obama rides in.

It makes me wonder. Can the FBI actually demand it back? And if so does Afifi have to give it back to them? It was installed onto his property… couldn’t that be considered a modification? And if so wouldn’t that make the tracker itself his property?

Fuck it, not talking on that one anymore.

~Mel Gibson is trying to make a comeback by being in an upcoming film! The film you ask? Why the movie is the amazing, the glorious, the oh so ironic, The Hangover 2. I think the premise of the movie is they’re going to film Mel Gibson for a few days in his daily life, get some fantastic footage of the crazy guy hung over edit it together and release it to theatres! Estimated cost of making the movie is $100,000 and all the booze that Mel wants during the filming of the movie. Watch after the credits role and you can see outtakes of Mel, drunk and screaming at the TV as he watches another one of his movies… The Passion of the Christ.

This has been Gwen. Your pissed off, ranting redhead. And pain is nature’s way of saying “don’t do that.” Pain killers are mankind’s way of saying “no, it’s ok, you can do that.” Notice that we don’t have anything to lessen a hangover yet?

*Blah blah, usual crap, satire/parody, if you are Mel Gibson, the FBI, or anybody else I happened to mention and you don’t like what I said then tough. Freedom of speech and I don’t own any of the stuff mentioned in this post.

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