Tuesday, November 30, 2010

I don't know what to say...

You know, I sat on this particular article for a week thinking of how to properly respond to it. It was too important to make the Twit News… and the fact that I have kind of been neglecting the Twit News due to real life things. The article in question is this


Make sure you read through it, it’s only about a page on Microsoft Word.

My very first thought was… unprintable, even for me. No, that’s not a threat, nor is it a command for my lovely little minions to go do anything to him. You all know exactly who you are. It was just my first thought… then I thought of something better.

Now Judge Rapist, oh, sorry Judge Joe Rehyansky is openly advocating the “corrective” rape of lesbians because in his insane line of thinking after they’re raped enough they’ll become straight. Personally it would just make me want to stake you to the ground with honey on your dick next to a fire ant hill, but that’s just me. But Judge Rapist thinks that it’s a good way to “cure” lesbians of liking women.

Well then! If that’s a good way to convert lesbians to being straight then it sounds like a good way to turn straight men gay! Lets get together some of the biggest bears from the gay community and have them ass rape you until you turn gay. By your own line of thinking it WILL work, so they get to continue pounding your ass until you want the dick!

I know what the issue is, this pathetic excuse of a judge got turned down too many times by lesbians and now he’s bitter. His military record, being a judge, and his manhood (probably all 1 ½ inches of it) couldn’t sway the lesbians he found hot into his bed so now he wants to force them. Here Judge Shrinkydink. I’ll buy you a strap on, maybe it’ll help with your little dick complex!

This judge needs to have his robes taken from him and any rape cases that came before him re-evaluated. Anybody that thinks like that, much less openly advocates it in a public forum, does not need to be making decisions about other people’s lives.

This has been Gwen. Your pissed off, ranting redhead. And oh… come here big boy, you’ll do nicely. I have JUST the guy you should meet.

~I do not advocate ass raping this piss poor judge, nor staking him down with honey on his dick. I DO advocate firing him and bringing him up on possible charges though.


  1. A friend was having issues posting a comment, this is her comment:

    "Sorry excuse for a human being, and he's no "man" at all. I'm glad he got fired for inappropriate comments to a female inmate, but it simply shows that this behavior is a pattern with him. I did notice his mention of the "lithe naked bodies" in his reference to the male soldiers, so I think he's having trouble facing something about his own proclivities and is taking it out on women. Naughty, naughty judge. Be careful lest one of those lesbian soldiers takes a boot to your tiny assets."

  2. The actual hell was this chucklefuck thinking!? Oh, right, probably something along the lines of 'hurr hurr lesbins haaaaaaaawt *drool*'

    Or maybe he's just upset that he got turned down after being too touchy feely with someone who wasn't interested, and, like most douchebags, thinks that anyone who identifies as female and who is not interested in his magical cock must be gay. It can't be him! No, he's ~magical~, you see, and his penis exists as a portal between the Earthly realm and Heaven. You'd have to be either crazy, frigid (*cringe*) or a bull dyke (*harder cringe*) to turn down Paradise!

    What the actual hell is wrong with this guy!? What makes him think the trauma of rape will make lesbian women actually want more of the same thing!?

    Oh, and as for this ("[S]houldn’t the overwhelmingly straight warriors who answer their county’s call be spared the indignity of showering with other men who achieve lascivious enjoyment from the sight of those lithe naked bodies, and who may be tempted to seek more than the view?" )