Monday, September 20, 2010

Chat Room Etiquette

It’s downright amazing how many people just don’t understand chat room etiquette (or online at all for that matter). So to make you guys not so ignorant (STUPID) I made you up a handly little guide

~ If you use the word “noob” a ton, you yourself are generally the noob.

~ If the chat room is for adults then it means there’s adult content normally. This does not mean that since you’re “really mature for your age” Mr. 11 Year Old that it’s meant for you to join. Come back when you have at least hit the ‘teen years, teen… not tween.

~ If the room is GLBT friendly/safe/whatever then you will generally get automatically booted when you come in and go “God damn faggots!” or something to that nature.

~ Do not enter a room and the first or second thing you say is that you’re horny/any single ladies(ever notice they never look for men? Even if it’s a female saying it.)/you want sex etc etc. Best case scenario you get booted(assuming its not the Cyber Fuck Room), worst case scenario is it’s a 3D chat like IMVU and somebody in there is going to turn into a giant fucking humanoid spider and traumatize your poor little mind.

~ When you enter a room check to see who the mods are, it’s generally not a good idea to piss them off. For example going “Bitch, shut up!” to them can net you either a warning to watch your mouth or a boot out the door depending on their mood and what else you’ve said.

~ Try to use proper fucking English. Yes, we all know text speak, along with most of the online abbreviations, but there’s a big difference between “how r u” and some shit that wouldn’t make sense to me even drunk.

~ If you and your friend enter a room, stick to the language being spoken in the room. If it’s a private conversation, or you want to speak a different language go to a private chat. Google translate is just a mouse click away, and there is usually somebody in the room with enough spite *looks innocent* to start translating your stuff and posting it to the chat room… or just boot you.

~ Real world rules apply. If you start insulting everybody: boot. Trying to proselytize: boot. Being a creepy mother fucker: boot. If the giant fucking humanoid spider shows up and is mainly “flirting” with you: very big fucking boot.

This has been Gwen, your pissed off, ranting redhead. And if I have to tell you one more god damn time to quit using the word “noob” I’m going to put my boot all up in your ass!

*100 bonus points if you know the movie part of that last line is from… bonus points have no value, fyi*

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  1. No idea what the line is from...but giant humanoid spider???? Eeewwwwwwwwwww