Thursday, September 2, 2010

The Powerpuff Girls!

I was playing my game the other day, just playing my game, Guild Wars, cause that’s what geeks with no money do instead of WoW. So anyways I was playing my game and a guild member starts talking about old cartoons. She went through a couple them and then said the opening line for the Powerpuff Girls. And THAT’S when I realized it!

"Sugar, and spice, and everything nice." That’s the line...


Rum is nice! Rum is very nice! Rum and coke is even nicer!

That’s what the "Chemical X" is, its RUM!!!!!

It also explains some of their enemies. An overgrown monkey with a brain coming out his skull, a gang that is green, I think they even had an enemy made of snot.

You'd have to be drunk to hallucinate these things as enemies! And I blame the RUM!!!!

This has been Gwen, your very… very drunk, ranting redhead. And I'm gonna drink me a Powerpuff Girl. *hic*

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