Monday, September 6, 2010

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Ok, this is a little late, I’ve been busy. And there’s going to be a date change on these… from now on they’re going to be posted on Saturday.

This week in the news! A company is caught writing fake reviews for its customers, nice job idiots. Drake University has a new ad campaign; you’re going to love this. And you can bite me but I’m going to fangirl over the mystery article.

First off! “A high-profile public relations firm in the video game industry, Reverb Communications represents major clients like Harmonix and MTV Games, as well as their products, such as Rock Band. They also represent smaller studios that sell games through the iTunes Store.”

“According to the FTC, Reverb employees posed as regular users and posted fake user reviews about their clients' games on the iTunes store.”

I just want to say congrats to Reverb for their AMAZING show of trustworthiness. I mean after all… if you’re going to go that far to make sure your clients get good reviews you MUST be a fantastic company. And I’m sure all the games you faked reviews for are completely awesome. And for those too dense to pick up on the sarcasm the company is idiotic and should’ve known that they’d get caught! What were you thinking?! Did you go; “Oh look! This game sucks! Fuck it, lets fake some good reviews anyways.” Not that I get games from the iTunes store, but if I did I sure as hell would avoid any that were given reviews by this oh so crappy company.

Next story. Drake University has a new ad campaign to get people to come to their school… its called D+. “The Drake Advantage: Your potential + our opportunities” equals what? Does it equal a D+? Did your advertising department COMPLETELY fucking forget that a D+ is just above failing? Or did you guys train your advertising department yourself? You’d think that a university wouldn’t want to advertise ANYTHING they do as being a D+. You guys must be kind of low on the grading scale. I sure hope you don’t train medical staff there… it might be kind of scary if you’re having surgery from somebody that went to D+ University.

And now… I must fangirl. METROID OTHER M WAS RELEASED ON THE 31ST! I love the Metroid series, exploring everywhere, jumping around, some decent puzzles. Ridley is back as always, being the badass dragon thing that he is. The main character from the Metroid series is Samus Aran, and this installment of the series actually tells about her past, which up until this game fans have only gotten little pieces of. And, for the feminists out there, Samus Aran was the FIRST female video game hero(although you didn’t find that out in the first game until the end of the game when she was shown without her helmet).

This has been Gwen, your pissed off, ranting redhead. And I’ll bet you money the Reverb guys are graduates from D+ University.

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