Saturday, September 25, 2010

TWitN: 9/18/10-9/24/10

This week in the news! US dollars may get a re-design if one group has its way, the designs they’ve made are actually pretty damn cool. Some dumb Republican is getting in trouble for a comment she made over a decade ago on a TV show, it’s not quite what you’re thinking. And Katy Perry and Elmo will NOT be singing a song together on Sesame Street, poor, poor Elmo.

~The Dollar ReDe$ign Project has developed some new designs for the US dollar and have started a petition to get the US government to seriously consider the ideas and designs they’ve made. Their designs are all different sizes, all are different colors, updated pictures on them, and a vertical design (up and down) since that is how they’re usually handled. Personally I think this ROCKS! Different sizes means that the blind can more easily use them. The different colors I’m all for. The US has some of the most boring bills in the world. Add some damn color to them, and not little gold “10” or whatever… make them colorful and quit trying to give them “bling”. The vertical design is kind of cool, I don’t mind it, and considering how many bill accepting machines there are now it does kind of make sense. Here’s what the current ideas look like… and I like all of them EXCEPT the 1 dollar bill.

I don’t think we should have ANY recent president on the dollars, no Bush, no Obama, Clinton maybe, but ONLY because he got the US to the highest national surplus we’ve ever had.

Enough on the dollar, lets move onto something more interesting.

~Some dumb bitch Republican is in trouble for “dabbling in witchcraft” over a decade ago. I was all ready to jump all over this story on them giving the woman shit (me defending a Republican… first time for everything) and being religious pricks until I got further down and read this:

“O'Donnell told Bill O'Reilly that scientists have created mice that possess human brains; she said on "Politically Incorrect" that she would not lie to Nazis if she was hiding Jews in her house; and she reportedly said that women should not be permitted entry to military service institutions. The left has also criticized her denunciation of masturbation.”

This woman is fucking crazy. Along with that she’s called condoms “anti-human”. You’re calling condoms fucking anti-human and you’re talking about giving Jews over to the Nazis if you were hiding them?!?!?! You need to be slapped! Preferably with a giant fucking condom!

Has anybody else noticed how downright insane some of the conservative Republican women are?! I mean damn, denouncing masturbation? Really, in today’s society? Excuse me but I’m going to go get my vibrator.

And saying that women shouldn’t be in the military. Yes, lets just give up all the hard earned rights we’ve earned through feminism why don’t we…

Congrats to you O’Donnell, maybe you want to pump out babies all the time (by the way did your last name used to be Duggar?) no masturbation, no condoms (I assume that means no birth control either since it’s the same damn thing as condoms!), but some of us prefer to not be freaking cattle.

Honestly there’s not much else I can say on this one.

~Top story!

Elmo and Katy Perry will not be singing a toned down version of “Hot and Cold” together on Sesame Street. Not because the song is inappropriate, the altered version was just fine. But because Katy Perry is showing a little too much flesh. I wasn’t going to do this story, I try to stay away from celebrity shit and I’ve done a few too many lately for my liking. I decided to not for the actual article, but for some of the comments left on it.

“she is right in line with Lady Gag Gag. They both are pitiful role models." And others like it.

You know what, yes, she's a pitiful role model. Unlike Britney, oh, wait... Paris? Nope. Hell, how about Martha Stewart, oh damn I forgot about her jail time. When exactly WAS the last time we had a celebrity that was a good role model(male or female) again? Oh yea, NEVER! Cause last time I heard most celebrities are on drugs, sleep around, are cheating on their spouse, having dog fights *cough Vick cough*, are shooting people, or are just out and out assholes!!!! By comparison showing a little flesh isn’t all that bad is it? Speaking of flesh, you haven’t taken your child to a beach or a pool have you? Cause you know… bikinis show just a tad more…

I bet you listen to rap music, which glorifies all kinds of negative shit that I’m not getting into, but you’re complaining about a low cut dress.

This has been Gwen, your pissed off, ranting redhead. And sunny day everyday! Boobs ok! Can you tell me how to get, how to get to Sesame Street! How to get to Perry's boobs! How to get to Sesame Street!

*I do not own Sesame Street or their song in any way, if you don’t know the difference between a parody and ownership of their work then please shove your head into a running wood chipper.*

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