Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Obama on Schools

I was going to put this into the Twit News post… but this got far, far too long to add to that. So for you’re reading pleasure, or masochism, here’s my opinion on Obama’s newest release on the schools in the US.


“President Obama said on the "Today" show Monday morning that American students attend school a month less than kids in other countries -- contending that the school-year gap puts them at a competitive disadvantage in the global economy.”

I won’t argue that a longer school year would help the kids in school because it probably would. His daughters also go to a private school because the public schools in Washington DC are utter shit (my words, not his). But I’m going to add my two cents on what else would help.

Here’s what else would help!

~Paying the teachers enough so that they don’t have to have a part time job with their students! You are going to high school, and you go every week because you’ll need your education to get a good job right? And then, at your part time job, after school, or on the weekends, or whenever, you get to work with your teacher who also works there… doing the same thing you do. Way to show an education is important!

~The school systems need to be completely, and entirely redesigned. I am usually not one for federally run anything, seeing at how pitifully they run things for the most part. But the education system I firmly believe needs to be federally run. Why? Lets say you live in Bumblefuck, Missouri. Your parents (and hence you) move to California. You are so far behind compared to the other students in your grade that you drop back one, possibly two grades! The system needs to be standardized so that no matter what state you live in you get the same education.

There is no reason that when you move from one part of the country to the other that you drop or jump one to two grades just by changing school districts!

And yes, as long as we’re making all the schools standardized I’d use the best schools in the country to make the standardization. And the kids would be moved to the appropriate grade. My apologies to the kids that drop back grades but it has to be done.

~I do not know if it is like this everywhere or just where I went to school in NC but you do not need 3 years of history! I remember you got to learn the state history all through one year of elementary school, again in middle school (junior high), and AGAIN in high school. Drop that down to part of a semester in elementary school and a full semester in high school and make the rest of it US history! Honestly if you’re doing the federally run school systems that should be the only difference between states.

Oh lookie, I learned about the Wright brothers in elementary school, and again in middle school… and again in high school… why?

~This is going to not be liked by a lot of people… but in high school have a “religious education” class. Not one teaching you a certain religion. The zealots would like that far too much, and it’s against the separation of church and state. No, a class to teach you about most of the religions out there; Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism, Wicca, Paganism, Voodoo, Atheism, Catholicism, etc. This is something done in several European countries and it does wonders for religious tolerance.

~Remove the “no child left behind” act Bush put into effect. Being able to hold a kid back one time in so many years does not help them. It just means they move on even if they don’t know the material they need to know for their next set of classes.

~And finally, put sex education back in school! And not this abstinence only bullshit that Bush pushed through. Teach them about condoms and birth control. Have them put condoms on bananas like they used to. Teach them about STDs and how a baby is made. They’re going to have sex whether you teach them about it or not, if you don’t it just means they’re going to do it the unsafe! And I can even give you proof on that! Look at the teenage pregnancies and STD rate since the abstinence only crap got put into effect. It’s more then doubled!

This has been Gwen, your pissed off, ranting redhead. And now I’m going to go teach your kids how to put a condom on a banana!

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